Riverside Cemetery

The Cemetery Foreman for the City of Troy is Mr. David Hastings. Mr. Hastings is responsible for the staff providing the maintenance, grounds keeping, records, and services.

The City of Troy maintains two cemeteries, Riverside and Rosehill. A Veteran's Memorial in Riverside Cemetery honors our military men and women.
Established in 1867, Riverside Cemetery provides traditional burial space as well as a public mausoleum, and many options for those who may be considering cremation.

Rosehill Cemetery is an inactive, historical cemetery with several of Troy and Miami County’s founding families.


To prepare for the annual fall cleanup of the cemetery grounds of both Riverside Cemetery and Rosehill Cemetery, citizens are asked to remove their wreaths, decorations and other items that have been left on the cemetery grounds/gravesites at both Riverside and Rosehill Cemeteries by October 16.  Commencing October 17, all ground mounted decorations and other items left on cemetery grounds/gravesites will be removed by Cemetery staff to permit the raking and blowing of leaves around monuments. 

            New permitted cemetery decorations can be placed starting November 15.

All decorations placed must conform to the Cemetery Department Rules and Regulations for the Use of Flowers and Other Decorations.  Copies of the Rules and Regulations are available from the Cemetery office. Unauthorized plantings, flowers and decorations will be removed from the cemetery grounds without further notice.  

If there are questions, please call the Cemetery Department at 335-2710.