Use of Flowers & Decorations

Codified Ordinance section 935.06 (j) provides for establishing rules regulating the use of flowers and other decorations in the cemeteries. Codified Ordinance Section 935.10 stipulates plants that are permitted to be planted in the cemeteries.
Following is the current list rules regulating the use of flowers and other decorations. Citizens should contact the Cemetery Superintendent to clarify any questions and before proceeding with any planting. Unauthorized plantings, flowers, and decorations will be removed.

Cemetery Department Rules & Regulations
The City of Troy regulates the use of grave decorations to insure the efficient maintenance of city cemeteries and to provide a safe environment for employees and visitors to the cemetery grounds. Any decorations which violate these regulations or otherwise interferes with the maintenance of the cemeteries can be removed without notice.

All decorations are placed at the owner’s risk. The city is not responsible for damage to any decorations due to cemetery maintenance or any other cause.

Artificial Decorations (Spring, Summer, Fall)

Artificial decorations are not in harmony with the natural beauty of the cemetery and the use of artificial decorations is discouraged. However, 2 ground mounted artificial decorations are permitted on each grave next to the monument. No styrofoam base decorations are allowed, as they deteriorate easily. Artificial decorations are permitted on monuments (saddles), in vases, and in urns. Any decorations will be removed once they become unsightly.

Artificial Decorations (Winter)
Artificial (other than plastic) wreaths, grave blankets, and saddles are permitted. Winter decorations will be removed starting March 1. Plastic decorations are not permitted in the winter as they become brittle and easily disintegrate with cold weather and then become litter.

Cut Flowers
Cut flowers are permitted at all times in appropriate containers. Glass containers are permitted only for Memorial Day and will be removed 1 week after Memorial Day.

Potted Plants

Potted plants are permitted either on the ground, in urns or on basket hooks. Clay pots are preferred for ground mounts.

Planting of Shrubs & Live Flowers
Only those shrubs permitted by Codified Ordinance Section 935.10 may be planted beside monuments. Live flowers may be planted around monuments in beds. Any planting of shrubs or flowers must be approved by the Cemetery Superintendent before any work is commenced. The Superintendent has the authority to remove any and all plantings, including shrubs which are dead, have outgrown their usefulness, have spread beyond control, or were planted without permission.

Cremorial Decorations
Shrubs and flowers are planted in the Cremorial areas by the Cemetery staff. The use of artificial decorations at the Cremorial areas is discouraged.

Mausoleum & Columbarium Decorations
Bud vases are provided on the niches of the Columbarium (located in the chapel) and the crypt fronts within the Mausoleum. Cut or artificial flowers may be placed in these bud vases. The use of additional or other artificial decorations is discouraged.

Items Not Permitted on the Ground

Due to safety concerns, the difficulty in performing appropriate maintenance on the cemetery grounds, and to avoid the appearance of clutter, items that are not permitted on the grounds of the cemeteries at any time include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Cardboard and paper
  • Ceramics and glass
  • Coat hangers
  • Fences
  • Food items
  • Rocks and stones
  • Shells
  • Signs
  • Styrofoam decorations
  • Tires
  • Toys or stuffed animals
  • Wires and ornaments
If such items are found, they will be removed by the Cemetery Department staff.

Balloons, Toys & Stuffed Animals
For other than Baby Rows / Sections 9 and 10, balloons, toys, and stuffed animals are permitted only on the birthday of the deceased and holidays, and may remain for one week.

For Baby Rows / Sections 9 and 10, toys or stuffed animals will be permitted when securely affixed to a monument or on a foundation. These items may not just be placed on the ground.

Benches, Statues & Other Accessory Items

Requests to place such items must be submitted to the Cemetery Superintendent in advance of items being ordered. The Cemetery Superintendent may request additional information in order to make a decision. To be considered, benches must be made of only granite, marble, or concrete. Wooden benches will not be permitted under any circumstances. Permitted benches must be placed on a foundation poured by the Cemetery Department at the cost of the lot owner. The Cemetery Superintendent may permit the placement of such items provided they do not violate any of these rules and regulations, the codified ordinances of the City of Troy, or encroach upon the property of another.

Eternal / Memorial Lights

The use of the “eternal” or “memorial” types of lights is discouraged. However, if a family wishes to place this type of decorative light, the location should first be discussed with the Cemetery Superintendent to try to mitigate maintenance issues. Only those of the solar or battery operated styles may be allowed. No more than one such light will be allowed per family plot. The city is not responsible for such lights. If a light becomes a maintenance issue for the Cemetery Department staff, it may be moved or removed. A light will be removed if it becomes broken, non-functioning, or exceeds the number allowed.

Deteriorated, Unsightly & Inappropriate Decorations
All deteriorated, unsightly, and inappropriate decorations shall be removed by the Cemetery Department staff at any time.

Responsibility For Placement of Permitted Decorations

When decorations are placed, care should be given to see that they are firmly placed in or on the ground or to the monument. The city is not responsible for decorations that are blown away, damaged, removed, or moved by other persons.

Semi-Annual Cleanup of Grounds
On a semi-annual basis, all ground mounted decorations will be removed for general cleanup purposes. Cleanup will start March 1 and October 15.


If there are questions regarding these regulations, please contact Cemetery Superintendent Lewis Deeter.