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Featured: Troy Water Treatment Plant

What do a dishwasher, a garden, and a car wash have in common? They all require water! Water is an essential part of our daily lives, and we are fortunate to have exceptional water in Troy. The Troy Water Treatment Plant (WTP) provides fresh, clean drinking water to residents of Troy and surrounding areas.  Built in 1971 and enlarged in 1997, the plant has been well-maintained and operated for decades. At present, the plant can draw from ten deep wells to supply up to 10 million gallons a day to the Troy City Public Water System (PWS). The water in those wells comes from the Great Miami Buried Valley Aquifer.

Our well water goes through multiple processes at the plant to ensure a safe and crystal-clear product, including scientific sampling and testing to confirm the safety and quality of Troy’s water. Public water systems, like Troy’s, are regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) to protect against water contamination. A little known fact is that public water faces stricter regulations than bottled water, regulated by the Food & Drug Administration.  The Ohio EPA (OEPA) has primary responsibility for enforcing federal water laws in Ohio, and directs compliance sampling for Troy.

The quality of Troy’s water is ensured through a thorough and continuous testing process. This month begins another period of required water sampling in Troy. In June we draw compliance samples for nitrates and inorganic compounds such as arsenic, asbestos, cyanide, thallium, mercury, and chromium. These samples must be analyzed by an independent, OEPA-certified laboratory to detect contaminants at trace levels. Fortunately, Troy has never had concerns with such compounds.

Next year we will conduct required lead and copper sampling in Troy. As lead contamination in Flint, Michigan has heightened public concern about lead levels in drinking water, it is worth noting that for decades Troy has only been required to test for lead on a reduced schedule of every three years, due to the consistently non-corrosive and stable nature of our water. The Troy City water system is also exceptional in its commitment to voluntary testing. Nearly 1,000 additional contaminant samples from our wells are independently analyzed every month, and Troy personnel run over 300 control tests each day. 100,000 such water samples are analyzed every year.

The Troy Water Plant is expertly operated by 9 Ohio EPA-licensed water supply professionals committed to continuing the long Troy tradition of water supply excellence. Our facility is staffed 24 hours a day and we are proud to give tours to citizens and civic groups. Tours may be arranged by calling the plant at 937-339-4826. 

Jeff Monce, Water Plant Superintendent

Jeff grew up in Tipp City. Ohio and graduated from Tippecanoe High School in 1974. He majored in Political Science at Wright State University, graduating with a B.A. cum laude in 1981. Jeff began his water career with the City of Dayton in May 1981, working as a mechanic and operator at both Dayton water treatment plants and at the lime reclamation facility. He received his Class III Ohio EPA Water Supply Operator certification in 1992. He joined the City of Troy Water Treatment Plant in September 2000 and has progressed through the ranks there, starting as the third shift operator until assigned to maintenance/relief operator duties in 2003. He was promoted to WTP Asst. Superintendent in July 2009 and to WTP Superintendent in December 2014. Jeff is father to four daughters, is an Eagle Scout, and an active member of the Tipp City United Methodist Church.  He resides in Tipp City.