Posted on: June 22, 2017

"No Fishing" Signs at Harbor at Treasure Island Park

The City is asking citizens not to fish in the area between the “no fishing” signs in the harbor at Treasure Island Park. This is to protect the safety of watercraft users by helping prevent them from becoming hooked or tangled in fishing lines.  Further, fishing lines have been found tangled in the motors of the aeration fountains placed in the harbor, causing them to not work properly.   These fountains are important to maintain the ecological balance of the harbor and river area.  

The City encourages fishing at Treasure Island Park. Canal block seating is placed at various sites along the river bank for the convenience of persons wishing to fish or enjoy the river view.  Citizens are asked only to not fish in the area between the signs that have been placed at the harbor for personal safety and so the fountain motors are not damaged.

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