City of Troy Comprehensive Plan

The City's Comprehensive Plan  was adopted in 2005 with subsequent updates. The creation process involved numerous public meetings with a broad cross-section of the community, including residents, employers, and stakeholders in various functions across the City.

The City’s Development Department worked extensively with the Planning Commission, various interest groups and the public at large in identifying and analyzing issues facing the city, and those groups are identified within the sections of this plan. The Executive Summary is a good place to start to get a feel of what the Comprehensive Plan contains.

You may obtain a copy of the plan using the following methods:

  • Download a copy of the plan here: Comprehensive Plan with Updates
  • Request a print copy by contacting the Planning Department at 937-339-9481.
  • A copy of the plan may also be viewed at the Miami County-Troy Public Library

Comprehensive Plan Update

The City of Troy is in the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code. Through the planning process, the City will work with stakeholders, including Troy residents and businesses, to understand the needs of the community.

The City’s Comprehensive Plan is a guiding document that informs policy decisions regarding development, and includes guidelines for future land use, transportation, sustainability, housing, public utilities, and more. The updated Comprehensive Plan will serve as a flexible blueprint over the next twenty years, with five-year updates, and will replace the plan adopted by City Council in 2005 and last updated in 2019. 

To view American Structurepoint's October 23, 2023 presentation to City Council, click here.