City of Troy Comprehensive Plan

The Process

The Troy Comprehensive Plan is an ongoing plan that was adopted in 2005 with subsequent updates. The process that went into making the plan involved numerous public meetings involving a broad cross-section of the community.  Like all great plans it was important to include input from many stakeholders providing various functions in the community as well as from our valued citizens that contribute their tax dollars in exchange for a great city. 

Sections of the Plan

The City’s Planning and Development Department has worked extensively with the Planning Commission, various interest groups and the public at large in identifying and analyzing issues facing the city. The Executive Summary is a very good place to start to get a feel of what the Comprehensive Plan contains.

How To Obtain a Copy of the Plan

You may obtain a copy of the plan using the following methods:
  • As a single-document download from the link below.
  • On CD-ROM, or, as a black and white photocopy by contacting the Planning Department at 937-339-9481. There is a nominal fee to obtain a hard-copy this way.
  • A copy of the plan may also be viewed at the Miami County-Troy Public Library.

How to Use The Downloaded Document

The entire plan is included in a single PDF document. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view these files. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, you can download and install the latest version at no charge. After viewing any link, simply close the new widow to return to this page.

Comprehensive Plan with Updates