Cold Weather Water Pipe Protection

Cold Weather Precautions
The City of Troy Engineering Department reminds its customers to take precautions to prevent household water pipes from freezing during winter weather. Customers should check to ensure basement windows or foundation openings have been closed to keep cold weather away from unprotected pipes. Customers who have experienced past occasions of frozen pipes should take special precautions to prevent similar freezing this season.

Preventative Measures
Make sure garden hoses are disconnected from outside faucets, and these faucets are tuned off and properly drained. Insulating pipes near basement walls can help in preventing frozen pipes. If your sink is on an outside wall, open the cabinet doors under the sink to allow warmer air to circulate near the water pipes.

Severe Cold Weather
In severe cold weather, allowing a small stream of water to escape from one sink faucet will keep water moving through the water service line and meter. Although the customer will be billed for this use of water, it is cheaper than repairing a broken pipe and possible water damage due to a burst frozen pipe.

Further Questions
For further questions on preventing frozen pipes, please contact the Troy Water Distribution Division at 937-335-1914.