Solid Waste FAQs

What do I do if my trash and/or recycling are missed?

To report missed trash or recycling, contact the City of Troy at (937)-335-1914. If it is determined that the trash/recycling was in compliance with our Residential Solid Waste Regulations, it will be picked up the same day or the following day.

When will my brush or T-bags be picked up?

Brush and are picked up on the same day as your regular trash as long as it is in compliance with Section 9 of the Residential Solid Waste Regulations.

How do I dispose of broken glass in my regular trash?

Place broken glass inside of your trash bin.

How do I dispose of paint cans that still have paint in them?

After you have removed the lids and dried out the remaining paint, you can place the paint cans out with your regular trash. The drying process can be sped up by filling half of the can with cat litter and mixing it into the paint. The lids must be removed so the waste collectors can see the paint has been completely dried.

How do I dispose of fluorescent light bulbs?

The light bulbs must be completely wrapped in paper and taped, then they can be placed out with your regular trash. Light bulbs can also be recycled during specific times of the year at the Miami County Transfer Station, located at 2400 N. County Road 25A. They also offer dates to dispose of unwanted household chemicals. For more information about the County's recycling regulations and dates call (937)-440-3488.

How do I dispose of my gas grill?

Remove the propane tank from the grill and place the grill out with your regular trash. The City of Troy does not accept or dispose of propane tanks.

What are the hours for the Dye-Mill Road Compost Facility?

For hours and a list of acceptable materials, click here.