Income Tax

Municipal Operations & Tax Rates

In order to provide funds for the purposes of general municipal operation, maintenance of equipment, extension, enlargement, improvement of municipal services and facilities, and capital improvements, the City of Troy, Ohio imposes a municipal income tax. This tax is essentially an "earnings tax" and is levied on salaries, wages, commissions, and other compensation, and on net profits as provided in the City’s Income Tax Ordinance. The current tax rate is 1.75%.

Department Function & Responsibilities

The Income Tax Department’s function is to assure compliance with the Income Tax Ordinance of the city by maintaining appropriate records with regard to the imposition of the tax and the return and payment of the tax. Further information regarding the city’s income tax requirements may be obtained by reviewing the document General Information and Instructions for the City of Troy Tax Return, by reviewing Chapter 171 of the Codified Ordinance of the City of Troy, Ohio, or by contacting the Income Tax Department.

Online Filing and Payment is Available!

Now you can file your income tax returns and pay taxes online.