Brick Paver for Veteran's Memorial

Memorial Day 1The Veteran’s Memorial was initiated through a private organization. The Veteran’s Memorial was established to honor all veterans who have served or are now serving in the armed forces in service to the preservation of freedom throughout the world.

Brick Paver Protocol

New brick pavers may be purchased based on the following:
  • Brick designations are for veterans only. Any exception to this would be at the sole discretion of the city administration.
  • Brick paver orders will usually be placed in groups of 5. Therefore, there could be some delay between the time a brick paver is ordered / paid for and actually placed in the memorial. Also, weather conditions could delay the installation of a brick paver.
  • Replacement of a damaged brick paver will be the responsibility of the brick purchaser. If a brick paver becomes severely damaged and the purchaser cannot be located, the brick paver may be removed and replaced with a blank front brick paver.
  • While requests may be considered, the placement location of the brick pavers will be determined by the City of Troy.
  • For conformity, the city will purchase the brick pavers to be used. It is not possible for a purchaser to provide a brick paver. Installation will be handled by the city.
  • Personalized engraved brick pavers may be purchased for a fee of $25. As necessary, this figure will be adjusted to assure that costs are covered.
  • Three lines of fourteen characters may be used for the brick dedication. Spaces must be counted as part of the fourteen characters. Engraving will be consistent for all pavers. Engraving will be with capital letters or numerals. Dashes are allowed; however, periods, commas, quotation marks, parentheses, or other punctuation cannot be accepted. Design elements, such as insignias, cannot be allowed.
  • A purchaser will be required to fill out the Brick Paver Inscription / Order Form. Orders cannot be taken over the phone. The order form will need to be returned to the City of Troy Cemetery Office, along with the payment, to:
     101 Riverside Drive
     Troy, Ohio 45373
  • Order forms without payment cannot be processed.
  • Questions should be addressed to the Cemetery Superintendent at the above address, by phone at 937-335-2710, or by email.

Paver Form

View and complete the commemorative paver order form.