City Beautification Committee

The City Beautification Committee is responsible for a variety of beautification projects, both downtown and across Troy. The Beautification Committee was started as a garden club in 1969, and officially established as a City Committee under Chapter 1103 of the Troy City Code in 1974. Some of those projects include:

  • Flower plantings around downtown Troy
  • Management of the planters and the hanging baskets on utility poles around the Public Square
  • Christmas decorations around the square and levee (with support from the Troy Foundation)
  • Sponsorship of an Arbor Day program
  • Memorial trees and plaques
  • Tree management around the Public Square
  • Conducting tree identification and tagging in City parks
  • Presenting “Green Thumb” and “Merit” awards
  • Encouraging organizations and citizens to beautify properties in Troy

Governing Law: Chapter 1103 of the Troy Codified Ordinances.

Membership and Terms: The Beautification Committee is comprised of thirteen members. A majority of the members are residents of the City, but members may also be residents of either Concord or Staunton Townships in Miami County, Ohio. Members serve for two-year terms.

Appointment: Members are appointed by Mayor, approved by Council.

Meeting Schedule: The Beautification Committee meets on the second Monday of each month at 4 p.m. in the City Hall Basement Conference Room.


NameTerm Began:Term Expires:
President: Gareth JohnstonJune 1, 1984July 1, 2024
Barbara RedickJuly 1, 2019July 1, 2023
Pam DaltonOctober 4, 2010July 1, 2024
Wanda TremblayNovember 13, 2004July 1, 2023
Barrie VanKirkOctober 4, 2010July 1, 2023
Phyllis DawkinsMay 1, 2016July 1, 2023
Cynthia WingertOctober 8, 2019July 1, 2023
Karol McCarthyMarch 8, 1994July 1, 2024
Mary DavisMay 1, 2016July 1, 2023
Secretary: Bill MillerMay 14, 2007July 1, 2024
Peggy WolkeJuly 1, 2021 
July 1, 2023

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