Ward Map

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2021 Ward Map November 2

Census Data, Population & Wards

Based on the certified census data, the city must be divided into 6 wards. As provided by the Ohio Revised Code, these wards are to be "substantially equal in number." The division is to follow standard boundaries (streets, alleys, etc.) and census blocks. Based upon the 2020 Census, the ward population is:
  • Ward 1: 4,363
  • Ward 2: 4,359
  • Ward 3: 4,370
  • Ward 4: 4,406
  • Ward 5: 4,411
  • Ward 6: 4,396

Printed Maps

A copy of the ward map is also on display on the second floor of City Hall. Small copies may be obtained from the office of the Clerk of Council at:
City Hall
100 S. Market St.
Second Floor
Troy, OH 45373