The Zoning Code was most recently updated in 2022. The zoning regulations can be found in text in the Troy Codified Ordinance and the classifications are mapped on the official zoning map.

Classification of Land 

Zoning classifies various parcels of land into specific classifications within the city. Each classification represents a list of permitted uses along with regulations on what the land can or cannot be used for. Following a comprehensive plan, zoning regulations are enacted to protect property within the community from negative economic, physical, and social impacts of other neighboring land uses.

Daily Zoning Responsibilities

Some of the daily zoning responsibilities include reviewing site plans and information for conformance to zoning regulations and then issuing the necessary zoning permit. Examples of information reviewed include: building setbacks, minimum lot size, number of required parking spaces, landscape and buffer requirements, sign requirements, floodway zones, historical area, zoning appeals, rezoning, and annexations. The Planning and Zoning Department also provides staff review and administrative support to the Planning Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Zoning Map

To view Troy's Zoning Map in ARCGis, click here.

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