Development Patterns

Planning efforts are undertaken to allow a community to step back, take a look at itself, and form ideas on its future. Troy has recognized the need to plan its development. The Comprehensive Plan was adopted on February 1, 2005, and updated in 2010, and it provides an in-depth look at Troy's development pattern as it relates to soil characteristics, flood plains, land use changes and other physical resource information. Demographic, economic, recreational, transportation, and public utility and housing trends are also reviewed concerning their impact on Troy's future development pattern. Emphasis is also placed upon the development of suitability of existing vacant areas in and around the community.

Function of Planning Efforts

The city's planning efforts provide a basis for the maintenance and strengthening of property values by minimizing land use conflicts and encouraging stabilization of neighborhood environments. Areas slated for change also have a framework in which day-to-day decisions can be evaluated. The permitted uses within a district are controlled by the Zoning Code.