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 Zoning Map

    Map showing the various zoning districts in the city.                                                
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 Complete Streets

     Map of the comprehensive transportation network.

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 Street Map
     Map showing the streets by grid in the city.

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 Ward Map
     Map showing the political ward districts in the city.
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Annexation Map
     Map showing the annexations by decade with land ordinances.

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 Subdivision Map
Map showing the subdivisions in the city.

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 Solid Waste Collection Map
     Map showing the days of trash collection pickup in the city.

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 Snow Removal Priorities Map
     Map showing the snow removal street priorities and zones.

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 Miami County School Districts Map
     Map showing the Miami County School districts.
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Troy School Districts
     Map showing the Troy City School districts.

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Downtown Parking Map

       Downtown parking available to residents and visitors.

Downtown Parking 2022 Map

     Map showing boundaries of Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area

DORA Blank