Recreation Board

The Recreation Board equips and operates playgrounds, athletic fields, swimming pools and other recreation centers, including the Hobart Arena, the Municipal Swimming Pool, the Senior Citizens Center and the Miami Shores Golf Club.

Governing Law: The Recreation Board is established in accordance with Section 931.01 of the Codified Ordinances and Section 755.14 of the ORC

Membership and Terms: The Board consists of five members, two of whom must be members of the Board of Education of the Troy City School District or their designee. All members shall be Troy residents and shall serve terms of five years.

Appointment: Two members are members appointed by the Troy City School District's Board of Education, and three are appointed by the Mayor. 

Meeting Schedule: The Recreation Board meets at 4 p.m. on the Third Wednesday of each month at Hobart Arena.


Appointed By:Name:Term Begins:Term Expires:
MayorMartin Hobart, PresidentMay 13, 2013Dec. 31, 2022
MayorDoug JacksonJan. 15, 2014Dec. 31, 2024
MayorAshley Reed, SecretaryJan. 1, 2019Dec. 31, 2023
BoEEric HermanJan. 19, 2016Dec. 31, 2025
BoEThomas Dunn, Vice PresidentJan. 1, 2004Dec. 31, 2021
Recreation Director Kenneth E. Siler