Income Tax Board of Review

The Board is to hear appeals of the opinion of the City's tax administrator (the Fiscal Manager). Previously called the Board of Tax Appeals, the title was changed effective January 1, 2016, based on the Ohio Revised Code. 

Governing Law: The Board of Tax Appeals was created by Ohio Revised Code Section 718.11.


  • One member is appointed by the top administrative official of the municipal corporation (Director of Public Service and Safety).
  • Two are appointed by City Council (upon recommendation of the President of Council); these members serve two year terms.
  • All members of the Income Tax Board of Review are appointed for two-year terms.

Meeting Schedule: If an appeal is filed, the board meeting is scheduled in accordance with the City's Codified Ordinances.


Appointed By:
Term Began:
Term Expires:

Ed WestmeyerCity Council PresidentJan. 1, 2013
Dec. 31, 2023
Mark A. DouglasService & Safety Director
Jan. 1, 2010
Dec. 31, 2023