Tax Incentive Review Council (TIRC)

The Tax Incentive Review Council is tasked with reviewing exemptions from property taxation provided under certain Ohio laws.

Governing Law: The Tax Incentive Review Council operates in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 5709.85(A)(2).


  • Three members appointed by the Miami County Board of Commissioners; each serve three-year terms;
  • Two members appointed by the Mayor and approved by Council; each serve three-year terms;
  • The county auditor or the county auditor's designee; 
  • A representative from Upper Valley Career Center;
  • A representative from Troy City Schools

Residency: At least two members must be residents of the City.

Meeting Schedule: The TIRC meets annually and as needed.

Volunteer Application: Available here.


Appointed by:Name:Initial Appointment:Current Term Expires:
Mayor (Approved by Council)Howard Wingert (City Resident) 
Jan. 17, 2023Oct. 19, 2026
Mayor (Approved by Council)Jordan Romberger (City Resident) Jan. 7, 2015Oct. 19, 2026
Miami County CommissionersKim HarveyNov. 11, 2018Nov. 10, 2024
Miami County CommissionersTheodore RistoffAug. 24, 2006Nov. 10, 2024
Miami County CommissionersRon MusilliNov. 11, 2012Nov. 10, 2024
County AuditorAmber Murray, Chairperson

UVCCAnthony Fraley

Troy City SchoolsJeff Price, Vice-Chair

Staff Contact: Tim Davis