Community Reinvestment Housing Council

The community reinvestment area housing council is operated in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 3735.69. The council inspects properties eligible for tax exemptions through the Ohio Community Reinvestment Area Program and hears appeals related to the program.

Membership:  The Council is composed of two members appointed by the Mayor, two members appointed by City Council, and one member appointed by the Planning Commission, and two members appointed by the other five members. Members serve for three years.

Meeting Schedule: The Council meets annually to review the properties within the community reinvestment area for which an exemption has been granted. The Coucil also meets as-needed to hear appeals.


  • Don Pence - Chairman
  • Mark A. Douglas - Vice Chairman
  • Joseph Fulker
  • Sandy Ehrlich
  • Jordan Romberger
  • Larry Smith
  • Michael D. Twiss