Management Information Systems


The Management Information Systems (MIS) Department is responsible for the purchasing, maintenance, and development of all Management Information Systems functions within the City of Troy. Process control instrumentation at the Water and Wastewater Treatment facilities are also maintained by this department.

There are currently over 180 desktop computers, servers, and notebooks serving all functions of the City of Troy. The MIS Department works closely with all departments to develop new applications for technological advancements in serving the public. Operating efficiency and network security are prime concerns of this department.


The GIS (Geographic Information System) function of the MIS Department provides for all mapping needs of the City, and continually works to acquire and integrate data that is beneficial to the operation of all City functions.


Process control instrumentation and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) functions are also maintained by the MIS Department. From the point of measuring flow, pressure, pH, DO, and other process variables at the Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities to the monitoring, control, and reporting functions, all are the responsibility of the MIS Department.


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