A Letter from Chief Simmons

It was such an honor to be sworn in as the Fire Chief on May 11, 2015. As the Fire Chief, I will commit to the great citizens of this community to be a great steward of what I am entrusted with. I will be a visionary and help guide this department to exceed the expectations of our community. We will efficiently and effectively respond to all fire and EMS emergencies and treat everyone with compassion and integrity. Whether it is deploying a Quick Response Team to respond to the victims of the Opioid Epidemic or creating ordinances for Carbon Monoxide Detectors in all properties, in Troy, we will always explore opportunities to better serve our community.

It is my responsibility to ensure the safety of the community, while ensuring the safety of my personnel. As Chief, I will ensure my personnel have the required education, training and equipment to complete their commitment to this community. On behalf of the dedicated firefighter/paramedics of the Troy Fire Department, I give my sincere appreciation to Mayor Michael L. Beamish, his staff, members of City Council, and the citizens of Troy for their continued support and assistance.


Matthew D. Simmons
Fire Chief

Goals/Vision for the Future

  • Ensure our personnel are highly trained and equipped to provide the best quality emergency services for our community.
  • Educate our community on prevention methods as we learn from emergencies.
  • Find ways to maximize the value of our resources and infrastructure.
  • Be innovative and become trend setters in the fire and EMS service.
  • "Exceed the Expectations of Our Citizens and Community"