Yard Waste Collection

The City of Troy provides a Yard Waste Collection program as a weekly curb-side service to the residents to assist with disposal of routine grass clippings, tree trimmings, and leaves throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons. Residents who utilize the curb-side service are required to either place items in a yard waste bag or bundle their items. Routine yard waste and yard waste bags should be placed by the curb on the resident’s scheduled trash and recycling day for collection. The City of Troy encourages the residents to utilize the Dye Mill Rd Compost Facility as an additional disposal method.

The City appreciates your cooperation when dealing with Yard Waste in order to keep the City clean and presentable throughout the warmer months.  The following are guidelines which shall be used by residents when considering what's acceptable as part of the Yard Waste Collection program.

Yard Waste Bags

Paper biodegradable yard waste bags are to be used for routine grass, leaves, garden refuse and brush trimmings. can be disposed of two (2) ways; collected weekly on the regular trash collection day at the resident's curb, or taken to the Dye Mill Rd Compost Facility.  There is not a bag limit for the collection of the Yard Waste Bags placed at the curb.

Any paper, biodegradable yard waste bag is acceptable -- these are available at most hardware and big box stores. Plastic biodegradable yard waste bags are NOT accepted and will not be collected as part of the Yard Waste Collection program. 

Yard Waste Items

Grass Clippings
  • Grass clippings will be collected in Yard Waste Bags.
  • Brush shall be routine tree or shrubbery trimmings.
  • Brush will be collected in Yard Waste Bags.
  • Any brush not placed in Yard Waste Bags must be; No larger than 4 inches in diameter, cut in 4 foot lengths, bundled, and tied.
  • Leaves will be collected in Yard Waste Bags at all times.
  • Unbagged leaves will be collected during the fall season.  Notice will be given as to the collection period.  Residents are required to rake their leaves to the curb for collection.

Unacceptable Yard Waste Items

The City will NOT collect the following items curb-side:
  • Broken concrete, dirt, sod or rocks,
  • Construction & Demolition materials including (but not limited to) bricks, blocks, wood and lumber (unpainted and untreated),
  • Brush greater than 4 inches in diameter, and
  • Cut down or topped trees, stumps, root systems or shrubs.
Residents may dispose of the aforementioned items at the Dye Mill Rd Compost Facility.

These guidelines are provided in accordance with the City of Troy's Solid Waste Regulations (Codified Ordinance 919) as it pertains to yard waste.