Troy Bike Trails


Mayor's Bike Friendly Community

Troy is a Bronze Medal Bike Friendly Community. The purpose is to enhance a diverse, safe, and user-friendly cycling experience.
The mission is to inspire people to ride bicycles for the benefit of their physical and mental health, and to create space and programs that encourage people to ride.


1. Implement a City of Troy comprehensive Bikeway Plan
2. Increase the use of cycling for recreation and transportation
3. Increase a relationship between our businesses, schools, and community members
4. Improve bicyclist safety
5. Expand exposure to diverse cycling opportunities

Active Programs

Pilgrim Pedal Run
Clean Trails Program
Mountain Bike/Fat Tire
City Bike Route and Lanes
Trail Shelter

Proposed Programs

Cyclist of the Month
Business Partners
Community Rides
Treasure Island Hub
Scout Rides
School Partners and Education
Use of Community Assets
Strawberry Festival connection

Schedule of Events
Note: Fat Tire Relay Race at Duke Park has been postponed and will be rescheduled
May 6 - Miami Shores-1:00 p.m. - Gazebo Dedication
May 6 - Treasure Island- 2-4 p.m. - Bicycle Safety Event

Troy Mountain Bike Area Video
(courtesy of Tyler Foster)

Clean Trails Program
Our purpose is to assist in making Troy's bike trail safe, clean, attractive, and user friendly.
Responsibilities are to assist in maintaining the bike trail and an area three fee either side of the path. No mowing or cutting is needed. Pick up all material that you feel would endanger a rider. Flood and high water material will be handled by the City. Notification is helpful (Park and Forestry).
Bags will be given to you. Additional bags are available at the Park Garage. Place in City of Troy dumpsters or notify Jeremy Drake at the Park Office (937-335-4612) and they will be picked up for you.
Waiver forms must be signed by all workers.
FUMC Youth Group - Ms. Chess - Low Bridge to Train Trestle
T.H.S. Outdoor Club - Mr. Gibbons - Train Trestle to Adams
Key Club - Kelsye Ernsthavsen - Lower trail Market to Adams
Kiwanis - John Terwilliger - Adams to Riverside
Lincoln Center - Shane Carter - Hobart Welding to Lytle Rd.
T.H.S. Interact - John Frigge - Adams to Hook

Weeks for Pickup
May 12-18
June 9-15
July 8-13
August 11-17
September 8-14
October 6-12
November 10-16

Committee Members

John Terwilliger - Chairman
James Bowell
Donn Graig
Thomas Fitch
Thomas Kendall
Stan Kegley
Fred Minnich
Larry Menker
Jim Miley
Jeff Schultz
Ed Witte

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