MKSK - Troy Downtown Riverfront Strategic Development Plan

The goal of the Downtown Riverfront Strategic Development Plan is to create a plan to integrate existing and future redevelopment projects, physically and visually connect the downtown commercial and historic district with the riverfront, and provide recreational amenities best suited to the interests of Troy residents and prospective visitors. In addition to ensuring that the downtown and riverfront corridor is a functional and beautiful place, the plan also emphasizes connections to the ITW site, Hobart Arena, and the city parks system, as a beacon for regional recreation and tourism.

Phase 1 Report: Summary of Understanding
Phase 1 Report: Summary of Understanding - Version 2
Municipality Rebrand


Woolpert Downtown Parking Study

The purpose of this study is to develop a workable parking and transportation management plan for the Downtown. The plan has been developed to address known parking and access constraints and will assure on-going improvements in access opportunities for patrons, employees and residents of the downtown. The plan will provide the City with solutions to assure that parking management strategies and programs are implemented in a manner that best serves the unique and changing nature of the downtown business environment.

Parking and Traffic Assessment

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2016 PM Build Final

2016 PM Existing Final

2036 PM Build Final

2036 PM Existing Final

W Main Street Corridor

This study will analyze the W Main Street corridor between Cherry Street and Interstate 75. The purpose of the W Main Street Corridor Study is to improve mobility, connectivity and safety, as well as to address roadway deficiencies along the route. Issues such as safety, roadway geometrics,capacity, congestion, environmental and human impacts, in addition to bicycle access will be evaluated and documented through the course of the study.


Miami Shores Golf Club and Driving Range

Miami Shores Golf Course was built in 1948. It is a city owned facility that includes an 18-hole golf course, full-service clubhouse and pro-shop. In order to provide a better golfing experience and more opportunities to fully utilize the facility, this project emphasizes upgrades to the kitchen and concessions, restroom facilities, HVAC and mechanical systems, roof and siding, landscaping, as well as relocating the Pro Shop, expanding outside patio, and building a new driving range.

Miami Shores Golf Course Renovation - Option 1
Miami Shores Golf Course Renovation - Option 2
Miami Shores Driving Range

Miami Shores option1_se.jpg FINAL

Fire Station 1

The City of Troy currently operates 3 fire stations. The oldest station, Fire Station 1 at 19 E Race Street, was built in 1966.  The replacement or upgrade to the facility is an imminent problem. This facility does not currently meet many of the standards for fire station construction and was built without the consideration for modern EMS and fire service. The study will evaluate the cost of upgrading the existing building to meet current and future fire standards versus new construction. Additionally, the study will investigate how the community will be best served at each location. 
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