McKaig/Dorset Roundabout

A roundabout is coming to the intersection of McKaig Avenue and Dorset Road. After construction, traffic patterns will be as follows for each of the quadrants shown below. Please contact the City of Troy Engineering Department at
(937) 339-9481 with any questions.

Click on the graphic below for larger views of the traffic patterns.

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Why is this intersection being redesigned?
The intersection does not operate efficiently as a 4-way stop leading to long delays at times and unnecessary stops at others.  For several years, the City has recognized that improvements need to be analyzed to improve movement at the intersection while not forfeiting safety. In 2017, the City hired LJB, Inc. of Miamisburg Ohio to perform an intersection analysis.  The recommendation of the analysis was the installation of a roundabout or traffic signal, with a roundabout being the preferred alternative.

How does a roundabout work?  
Watch this short video from the Ohio Department of Transportation on navigating a roundabout.

Why was a roundabout chosen over a traffic signal?
The roundabout was chosen as the best option as it pertains to level of service, safety and life cycle cost. The level of service refers to delay of the drivers.  At this intersection, a roundabout will allow freer movement, reducing delay for drivers, and continue to perform well into future years. Roundabout intersections are safer than intersections with traffic signals because speeds are reduced and conflict points for drivers are reduced from 32 to 8. The proposed roundabout has a lower life cycle cost than a traffic signal because there are no signals to maintain continuously and replace every 10-15 years.

Was there ever a plan for a traffic light at the intersection?
The thought was that a signal would be installed at this intersection several years ago, based on peak hour traffic counts completed at the intersection of McKaig Avenue and Dorset Road.

Will large vehicles such as trucks and buses be able to navigate the roundabout?
Yes, trucks and buses will be able to traverse the intersection. The design consultant LJB, Inc. has analyzed this in detail and applied turning movement truck and bus templates to the layout of the intersection.

Where did the data in the study come from?
Data sources include the Federal Highway Administration and traffic counts conducted by LJB, Inc.

What is the timeline for this project?
The design is currently in progress. Design should be completed in the next couple of months with authorization to construct requested of Council in April 2018. At this time, Staff is anticipating construction to begin at the intersection this summer with the remaining construction between Heywood Elementary and the intersection occurring in the fall of 2018.  Once the project is bid, the construction schedule will be finalized with the contractor.

I live, work, or travel through the area. How will I know what is going on with the project?
Regular updates and information will be provided prior to and throughout construction via updates on this page, as well as the City’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Will access be maintained?
Access to the businesses impacted will be maintained. If you are trying to reach a location inside of the construction zone that also has an entrance outside of the construction zone, we recommend using the entrance outside of the zone. However, if the only entrance is inside of the construction zone, we recommend coming from the direction closest to the entrance of the business to minimize how much you are in the construction zone.

Project Updates

March 19, 2018:
City Council authorized the bidding of the project’s construction. A start date for construction is coming soon.

May 16, 2018:
The City of Troy awarded the bid for the McKaig Road Improvement Project Phase IV to Finfrock Construction Company Inc., and construction will begin in the fall of 2018. The roundabout portion of the project will not begin until summer 2019, due to the contractor’s schedule. The project completion is estimated, weather and conditions permitting, to be complete by September 2019. We will provide regular updates as the project progresses.

May 8, 2019:
The following areas will be closed to traffic for the roundabout construction at the intersection of McKaig Avenue and S. Dorset Road, commencing 7:00 AM, May 28, 2019:
                Intersection of McKaig Avenue & S. Dorset Road
                McKaig Avenue from Commerce Center Mumford Drive
                S. Dorset Road from Cheshire Road to Arlington Avenue

The estimated date for the roadways to be reopened is August 16 at 5:00 PM.

Click the graphic below to view a full-sized detour map.
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June 27, 2019:
Construction of the McKaig/Dorset roundabout has been on schedule over the past month despite considerable amounts of rain. The curbs have been poured, sections of concrete are complete, and base asphalt is scheduled to be put down this week. This is still a construction zone and the road remains closed as crews work to complete the project. Thank you for your continued patience.