Green Thumb and Merit Awards

Green Thumb Award

The purpose of the Green Thumb Award is to recognize the landscaping efforts of property owners in maintaining or improving their property and the overall beauty of the city.

  • Only projects or areas that are readily visible from the street can be rewarded
  • General care and overall maintenance
  • Size and mass of the area
  • Color, patterns and textures
  • Overall effect on the building, property and neighborhood

Merit Award

The purpose of the Merit Award is to recognize the architectural improvements made to properties or buildings in the city.

  • The project must be completed
  • Must be readily visible from the street
  • Overall effect and impact on the area or neighborhood
How to nominate someone for a merit award or green thumb award
The City Beautification receives nominations for both awards. Nominations are to be emailed to City Beautification Committee Chairperson Gareth Johnston at .

2019 Troy City Beautification Awards

May 2019
Merit Awards 
503 E. Staunton Rd - Rajinder Kumar -Troy Shell
927 N. Market St. - Studabaker Chiropractic
1164 W. Main St.

 Green Thumb Awards 
1361 Sheridan Ct. - Linda Rozell
1763 Saratoga Dr. - Gaston Brown & Tonya Bair
2478 Thornhill Dr. - Stacie Davis & Jennifer Mccann
120 S. Oxford St. - Meredith & Eric Parris
1187 Winchester Dr. - Donnie & Michelle Hicks

August 2019
Merit Awards
237 Grant St. – Heather Kouse
1208 York Lane – Darlyne and Todd Howes

Green Thumb Awards
1549 Brookfield Lane – Terri Murphy
818 Bristol Rd. – Rick and Mary Kadel
1372 Cornish Rd. – Tim and Cathy Marshall
1325 Kenton Way – Carl and Billie Shroyer
410 E. Canal St. – Michael and Toni Mascari
976 Switzer Dr.
1201 Todd Lane
500 Stonyridge Ave. – Stonyridge Veterinary Service
115 Crawford St. – Stephanie Humphrey
22 Littlejohn Rd.  -  Tricia Hannahs
1119 Arborvitae Court – Vicki Hart