Reverse-Angle Parking Study

The City of Troy is undertaking a pilot study for reverse-angle parking at two locations in the downtown area. As part of the West Main Street Corridor project, the City was awarded safety funds by the Ohio Department of Transportation to implement safety countermeasures in the downtown area.

Reverse-angle parking requires the driver to back in with the back of the vehicle toward the curb. This type of “angle-in” parking allows for better visibility for motorists, as drivers pull forward instead of reversing to exit the parking space. It may also allow for additional parking spaces downtown.

The City will pilot this type of parking in two spaces:

  • N Short Street from W Main Street to W Water Street. N Short Street will have reverse-angle parking along one block. Parallel parking will remain on the west side of the street. This parking change is tentatively scheduled on June 29.
  • E Main Street from the Public Square to Mulberry Street. E Main Street will have reverse-angle parking along two blocks. All parking along this street will become reverse-angle parking. This parking change is tentatively scheduled on July 27.

The reviews of the pilot programs are to occur no less than 30 days after each pilot has started. 

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Or, download this comment form and return to the City via email at or by mail at 100 South Market Street. 

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Back-In Angle Parking

Reverse-Angle Parking Pilot -- N. Short

Reverse Angle Parking North Short Street

Reverse-Angle Parking Pilot -- E. Main

Reverse Angle Parking East Main