Community Development Block Grant

The goal of the CDBG Community Development Program is to provide communities with flexible funding for housing and community development projects that address the needs of low-and moderate-income (LMI) individuals or the elimination of slum and blight.  CDBG funding is federal funding administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  The State of Ohio annually receives a portion of CDBG funding from HUD and is administered by the Ohio Department of Development, Office of Community Development (ODOD, OCD).  Every two years the City of Troy is eligible to receive approximately $150,000 over two years in CDBG funding.  The City works with community groups, building owners, and internal staff to identify eligible projects for the city’s LMI residents.  Federal regulations define persons who are LMI income as households earning under 80% of the area median income as determined by HUD, adjusted by household size. 

CDBG projects must meet one of the National Objectives established by HUD:

  • Low-and Moderate Income (LMI) Benefit
    • LMI Area Benefit – Project service area must be primarily residential and be at least 51% of the residents are LMI.  See the Troy LMI Area Map.
    • Limited Clientele – Service provided using CDBG funds to a specific group of people; such as, elderly persons, homeless persons, severely disabled adults.
  • Area/Spot Slum and Blight

Eligible CDBG activities include:

  • Infrastructure improvements (in neighborhoods that are over 51% LMI)
  • Community and senior centers
  • Park and Recreation facilities (in neighborhoods that are over 51% LMI)
  • Fire Protection facilities
  • Public Service Activities i.e. health care, child care, senior services, homeless services, public safety, drug abuse counseling/treatment
  • Rehabilitation of public and private buildings
  • Demolition
  • Planning activities related to eligible CDBG projects

Each year the City holds a Public Hearing in February that reviews all the eligible CDBG programs that the City can apply for. Local community and non-profit organizations are encouraged to attend.

Past CDBG Projects Funded:

  • Harrison / Atlantic Street Waterline Replacement Project – Critical Infrastructure Project
  • City ADA handicapped sidewalk ramps – Various locations
  • Lincoln Community Center – Multiple building renovations, pool accessibility lift, ADA restrooms
  • Miami County Family Abuse Shelter – 121 Public Square and 16 E. Franklin St. Building Renovations
  • Treasure Island accessible kayak dock
  • Buckeye House Fire Sprinkler System
  • Troy-Hayner Cultural Center / Library ADA sidewalk ramps
  • Masonic Temple Window Repairs
  • Fair Housing Program