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What is a DORA?

The City of Troy is considering implementing a DORA (Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area) in our historic downtown. DORA, established by the State of Ohio in 2015, allows visitors age 21 and older to purchase an alcoholic beverage from an approved and liquor-permitted establishment, then stroll and shop within the DORA boundaries. Currently, 56 communities in Ohio have DORA districts.

If approved, Troy's DORA will encompass a 20.24-acre area including the Public Square and parts of downtown. It will operate Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from noon to 10 p.m. Alcoholic beverages purchased from participating, liquor-permitting businesses could then be consumed outdoors and in businesses displaying signage that says they accept DORA drinks.

Other communities have found the DORA provides an additional attraction for patrons, creates a destination for dining and entertainment, and promote building a lively, pedestrian-friendly environment in the area.

DORA Rules:

  • DORA beverages must be consumed from marked DORA cups. Consumption from other vessels is not permitted.
  • DORA beverages are allowed only within DORA boundaries (see back for map). Exit signage is posted at the borders of the DORA.
  • DORA beverages may include wine, beer, or liquor sold in a marked cup from a participating bar or restaurant. 
  • DORA beverages may only be carried into stores displaying a green decal indicating that DORA beverages are permitted. Please be sure to check before entering.
  • Cups must be emptied or placed in a trash receptacle before patrons enter a liquor establishment or any business with a red decal.

Frequently Asked Questions:

VirtualSample (6)Q: Can I bring my own beverages into the DORA?

A: No. Patrons cannot bring their own alcoholic drinks into the DORA, and purchased drinks must remain in the designated DORA cup.

Q: What types of alcoholic beverages can I carry in the DORA?

A: Beer, wine, and liquor are all allowable drinks in DORA cups. Drinks must be purchased from a participating liquor establishment.

Q: Can I take my DORA beverage from one liquor establishment into another?

A: No, you cannot take a filled or partially-filled DORA cup from one participating liquor establishment into another participating liquor establishment or back into the establishment where the beverage was purchased. Used cups must be emptied or disposed of before entering a liquor establishment. 

You may to take your DORA beverage into non-liquor-serving retailers displaying a green DORA decal.

Q: Are DORA beverages permitted at all events hosted downtown?

A: Not necessarily. Troy City Council may suspend DORA activity for events that require a temporary liquor permit, or where alcohol consumption isn't appropriate. DORA Welcome

Q: Can I shop with my DORA beverage?

A: Yes, if a retailer indicates that they allow DORA beverages by displaying a green DORA decal like the one pictured on this page. Please check before entering.

Q: How will the DORA be enforced?

Troy Police staff will monitor the DORA area during routine patrols, and adjust visibility and enforcement as needed.

Q: What are the responsibilities of liquor establishments participating in the DORA?

Downtown bars and restaurants are held to the same guidelines and laws to ensure the safety of their guests, check IDs, and not over-serve alcohol to patrons.

Proposed Implementation Timeline:

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Proposed Map:

Downtown Parking map: Download a printable version here.

DORA Boundary

Presentation from February 8, 2021 City Council Work Session:

Click here to download.

Full-Text DORA Application:

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Other Materials: