Painted Pianos Project

Sponsored by City of Troy and Troy Main Street, the Painted Pianos Project returned for 2022. This summer, six "upcycled" pianos donated by area families will show off the paintings of local artists. The program is set to return in 2024!

Artists for 2022 included Annette Cargill, Abigail Twiss and Ellie Wannemacher, illustrator Jeff Shultz, Beth Kerber, Skyler Williams, Christy Veres, and Susan Westfall.

Street pianos as art picked up popularity in major cities through programs like the Play Me, I'm Yours program in the UK, and the trend spread worldwide through the 2000s and 2010s. Outdoor art like the Painted Pianos Project can create a more interactive and walkable downtown, engage community members, and help promote the downtown to residents and visitors.

The City and Troy Main Street thank Chad Cannon, Janet Fahnestock Stephens, Richard and Katie Grow, Beth Dalton, Jennifer Ballard, and Lora Wiedenheft for donating pianos. Scott and Kim Oglesbee donated their professional piano tuning services for the second year, and Lowe’s of Troy provided painting materials. Thanks also go to Troy-Hayner Cultural Center for their support, and to local businesses and individuals making this project possible by covering and uncovering the pianos each day.

For more information, contact Salome Hekate at

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