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Posted on: June 4, 2019

Troy Fire Department Emergency Responses

With the grand opening of Kettering Health Network Troy Hospital on June 18th, Troy residents and property owners have asked to which hospital the Troy Fire Department will transport patients.
Per Troy Fire Chief Matt Simmons:

The Troy Fire Department transports all of our patients to hospitals based upon the guidelines set forth by the Greater Miami Valley EMS Council. These guidelines are our operating protocols and are administered under the direction of our Medical Director.

Under these protocols, the TFD transports all of our patients to the closest and most appropriate hospital, which will normally be Troy Hospital on West Main Street. We do take into consideration the preference of the patient and pre-existing conditions or ongoing treatment unless any of the following conditions are present:

•It is medically necessary to transport the patient to the closest hospital for stabilization.
• It is unsafe to transport the patient to the preferred/recommended facility due to adverse weather or ground conditions or excessive transport time.
• Transporting the patient to the preferred/recommended facility would cause a critical shortage of local EMS resources.

In certain situations, including special pediatric emergencies, special cardiac or stroke emergencies and trauma emergencies, our crews would transport to the appropriate facilities specified in our protocols.

If there are any questions, please contact the Troy Fire Department at (937) 339-0495 or visit the City’s website link at:

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