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Posted on: December 13, 2022

West Main Update - 12/13/2022

We hope this email finds you well during the holiday season. Work continues to progress on the W Main St Ph 1 Construction project in Troy. In fact, $2.5 million dollars of work has been buried, poured, and built to date! Please see below for this week's construction update:

Workers assist as crane lowers sewer line into dug groundNew storm sewer work continues (again!) to the East approaching North Short Street. The new storm sewer will (finally!) end at Cherry Street. This is the main trunk line for the entire length of the Phase 1 project corridor. As some point, later Winter or very early next Spring, the new storm sewer work will shift to the south side of West Main Street towards the West end of the project limits. That future storm sewer work will be less invasive as the current operations are on the North side of Main Street because the pipes are smaller and shallower. The future storm sewer work on the South side will eventually cross Main Street and tie into the large trunk line that has been installed on the North side to date. 

On a traffic note, part of the above mentioned storm sewer work will require a closure of North Short Street to complete. This closure is discussed in the attached Road Closure Notification and will begin Thursday 12/15/22 and the road will by open by Thursday 12/22/22.

At the NW corner of Oxford Street and Main Street a unique environmental feature was recently installed. The structure is called a "Water Quality Structure" and is designed to capture and hold debris commonly found in the storm sewer system. Think trash items such as cans, bottles, and other floating items. These items get captured in the Water Quality Structure while allowing the storm water to flow through and on to the river. Maintenance crews then come and periodically empty the debris from the unit. The unit will also capture the heavier items such as gravel and mud, keeping the storm water as clean as possible. The storm water system is less likely to become plugged or clogged by the debris and will help prevent storm water backups. One of the photographs below shows the massive sections of this unit being placed. It weighed over 30,000 pounds and was lifted into place with a crane. 

Some of you may have noticed a new crew onsite working towards the West side of Main Street recently. This ongoing work is part of the Utility Duct Bank project. A series of 4" conduits are being buried in the ground for future electric and communication companies to use, eliminating many of the unsightly overhead power poles and lines. This buried duct bank method greatly improves safety by eliminating utility poles adjacent to Main Street and also offers a more aesthetically pleasing corridor for West Main Street. More on this project to come in future updates. 

As always, thank you for your patience and understanding. For more information, please visit or submit your question via email to: 

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