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West Main Street Updates

Posted on: December 20, 2022

West Main Update - 12/20/2022

From Prime Engineering:

The construction rolls on. Most other construction projects have stopped or slowed down due to the weather. The work on West Main precedes without slowing. This strong effort reduces the total time length of construction.

New drives and sidewalks are now 95% completed, on the north side of West Main Street, from Ridge Avenue to Elm Street. One aspect that has added in the placement of concrete during this time of year is that the concrete is mixed using warm water. The wet concrete temperature is around 75 degrees when delivered to the project. This eliminates the possibility of concrete freezing when first placed. In addition, the ground is covered with construction blankets the night before concrete is placed. The natural warmth of the ground will keep the ground surface above freezing. The hardening of concrete is actually a chemical reaction. This reaction generates heat that also adds in keeping the concrete from freezing. And finally, the fresh concrete is covered with construction blankets to keep the heat. The new curb, gutter, sidewalks, and drives are a great improvement. The contractor hopes to fill the void between the sidewalks and curbs with topsoil this winter if weather allows.