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Station 3

This station was opened in 1995. Engine 3 and Medic 3 respond from this facility. The Miami County Haz-Mat Response Vehicle and our Special Rescue Trailer are also kept at Station 3. There are three Firefighter / Paramedics assigned each day to Station 3. In 2005 the Troy Fire Department responded to 1249 Fire calls and 3485 Emergency Medical calls. Both of those are record numbers.

In addition to responding to emergencies the Troy Fire Department also has responsibilities in other areas. Fire Prevention activities include building inspections, code enforcement, plans review, issuing permits, underground storage tank inspections, annual testing of our city’s fire hydrants, and fire investigations.

The Public Education Program includes the following. The Fire Fighter Phil fire safety program is for all kindergarten through fifth grade students in all Troy Elementary Schools. This program has been presented every November since 1996. The Fire Safety Trailer visits all Troy third grade classes in October during Fire prevention Week. A Juvenile Fire Setter Program is available to help counsel those in need.