Online filing and payments

Account Inquiry

Taxpayers may access their accounts on-line to check tax balances, estimated taxes paid, carryover credits, and extensions filed.

Credit Card Payments

Individual taxpayers may pay current or prior year tax balances and estimated taxes with the use of their MasterCard, Visa, or Discover Card through Infintech’s secure payment gateway*. In addition, businesses may pay their withholding taxes.

*Note: Infintech will assess a fee for credit card transactions. You will be advised of the fee before completing the transaction.


If you were a resident of Troy and you will not have an overpayment or refund to claim, you may electronically file your City of Troy Tax Return. If your return shows a payment due, you may make this payment on-line using your MasterCard, Visa, or Discover Card*. You will also be able to upload your W-2's through a secure website to the City to confirm the amount of any taxes that were withheld.     


In order to use these features, you must first register. You will need your account number and social security number or Federal ID number to register. Your account number can be found above your name on the yellow or blue filing reminder postcard that was mailed to you.

Register and/or login here.