Does the City of Troy impose a municipal income tax?
Yes. The City of Troy does impose a municipal income tax to provide revenue in support of municipal operations as authorized by Chapter 171 and subsequently amended. This tax was first adopted in 1967 and is imposed on the earnings of all residents and, as well, to nonresidents who work within the City of Troy. In addition, the tax is imposed on all businesses that operate within Troy, performing work and/or service within Troy, and on the net profit from all business activity from Corporations, S-Corps, Partnerships, LLCs and any other type of entity with nexus within the City of Troy. Note: Single entity LLCs who file a Schedule C on their individual Federal Income Tax Return may also file reporting the Schedule C on their individual City of Troy Income Tax Return.

Individuals who are Troy residents, but have pass-through income (with the exception of S-Corp income) must report the pass-through income on their individual income tax return (unless the entity files a Troy tax return reporting all income to Troy). If the pass-through income of a resident has been taxed at either the entity or pass-through level by another municipality, credit as provided by the Income Tax Ordinance will be allowed for tax paid on said pass-through income. S-Corporations will report Troy activity only on an entity level.

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