Must I file an income tax return?
The City requires all individuals 18 and older residing within the Municipality, as per the mandatory filing provision for all residents, as well as each person engaged in business within the Municipality regardless of residency to file a tax return, regardless of whether or not tax is due.

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1. Does the City of Troy impose a municipal income tax?
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3. Must I file an income tax return?
4. I am a Troy resident who works outside the City of Troy. My employer withholds local income taxes from my pay. Do I still owe income taxes to the City of Troy?
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8. My spouse and I file separate federal tax returns. Do we need to file separate City of Troy Income Tax Returns?
9. What will happen if I don’t file my income tax return or pay my balance due?
10. I am starting a business in Troy. Where do I get information and forms for a business account?